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 Isn't it foolish how some people will pay thousand of dollars for a pedigree animal when they could care less who their sons and daughters will date?


The History of Political Correctness



Anti-Mugabe leader: Life was better under white rule.

Movement for Democratic Change [MDC] is a Zimbabwe political party. Faith Mayo is part of the “Zimbabwe Diaspora” and a leader of the UK branch of the MDC.


Over the past 32 years human rights situation in Zimbabwe have been blatantly violated by a black government that masquerades as a champion of peace and democracy, thus the Mugabe regime has eroded all norms of 21st century civilization.

In contrast, Ian Smith’s Rhodesian era turns out to be better than “our” black government.

Most black Zimbabweans would now prefer Ian Smith as leader to Robert Mugabe – though the human instinct of freedom remains high on the agenda. The Mugabe regime has perpetrated serious crimes against its own people – black-on-black.

For what’s the purpose of freedom when freedom kills you, when freedom denies you free speech, when freedom kills your relatives, when freedom starves you, when freedom excludes you on tribal grounds?

I always hear some of my fellow Shona friends saying the crisis in Zimbabwe started in the 1990s when Mr Mugabe started expropriating white farmland including denying Morgan Tsvangirai presidency. No for us in Matabeleland the crisis began right in 1980 when Mr Mugabe became Prime Minister of the newly independent Zimbabwe. Up to 20 000 people were massacred by the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade in the early 1980s.

Two human rights organisations, the Legal Resources Foundation and the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) Zimbabwe however, produced a report entitled Breaking the Silence, Building True Peace in 1997, detailing human rights abuses during the Gukurahundi era. Yet, you still find some people saying “Mugabe was fine up until the 1990s”. This explains how Mr Mugabe has successfully divided our beloved country.

Fallowed Ground.

This cartoon was original posted in May 2005.

From Reuters: Zimbabwe slams aid agency crop reports - paper.

President Robert Mugabe's government has warned aid agencies against conducting so-called back-door crop assessments in Zimbabwe, the official Herald newspaper said on Wednesday.

Aid agencies have warned of another food deficit in the country, which has suffered shortages in the past five years, saying the lack of inputs such as seed and fertiliser has undermined production in the just-ended summer cropping season. ...

In January the government branded the U.S.-based Famine Early Warning System Network, which releases regular reports on Zimbabwe's food balance, as hostile after the group said the country faced worsening supply problems.

Zimbabwe's annual maize output has fallen sharply in the past five years due because of drought and AIDS, which is killing off peasant farmers in the prime of life.

Critics also point to Mugabe's controversial seizures of white-owned farms for blacks, which analysts say has seen commercial agricultural output plunge more than 60 percent. ...

The Commercial Farmers' Union, whose mainly white members were targeted in the government's land seizures, has said Zimbabwe expects another poor harvest of 795,000 tonnes.

Also Gus Van Horn notes Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe (scroll down).

UPDATE -- April 26: From BBC: Zimbabwe 'asks farmers to return'. (via Tom Pechinski)

Zimbabwe's white farmers say they have been invited to apply for land - in an apparent U-turn by the government which has seized their land.

All but 300 of the 4,000 white farmers have been forced off their land since President Robert Mugabe started his "fast-track" land reform in 2000.

A farmers' leader says some 200 applications have already been made and more are coming in.

Critics say the reforms have devastated the economy and led to massive hunger.

What happens when you kill your White commercial farmers?

By Mike Smith

This is what happens when you kill and get rid of your White commercial farmers. Blacks starve to death. But nobody cares, because we can just go to Pick and Pay or Woolworths and there is always food. Food does not come from farmers. Food comes from little white Styrofoam packages on the shelves of Pick and Pay.

Look at Zimbabwe where people stand in queues for half of the day to get a loaf of bread. Well the government of Mugabe is not worried. As long as people are starving and standing in queues they are not fighting against the government are they?


350 000 need food aid in Mozambique 13/01/2009 20:44  - (SA),,2-11-1447_2452546,00.html


Maputo - At least 350 000 people in Mozambique need food aid because of poor harvests, but the UN World Food Programme is running short of funds, a WFP official said on Tuesday.

Central and southern regions have had less than half their normal rainfall since October and the southern African country may be heading for its third consecutive year of drought despite recent rains in some areas.

WFP spokesperson Peter Transburg said 350 000 people in seven provinces needed food aid.

“We are $8.5m short for our programmes until April, we are talking to donors and if we don’t get new contributions we will definitely be forced to cut the ration and discontinue the relief assistance,” Transburg told Reuters.

The money is needed to buy 10 840 tons of cereals to supplement household reserves and help families cope with high food prices from January until the next harvest in April/May.

Farm output in central Sofala province is also under threat from locusts which have invaded the area in the last few days, worsening the impact of recent heavy rains.

“There are swarms of locusts destroying horticulture and other crops which survived the flooding last year, a fact which could worsen food security of local farmers this time when heavy rains are already posing a concern,” said Joao Ribeiro, director of the National Institute of Disaster Management.

Mozambique is prone to natural disasters such as droughts, floods and cyclones. On Monday, authorities said torrential rains had killed 25 people in central areas in the last two weeks and that flooding could devastate the region by March.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed while roads, bridges and electricity pylons have been damaged in four provinces.

In early 2007, floods in central Mozambique killed 45 people and left 285 000 homeless, and cyclone Favio displaced a further 140 000 people.

This is a funny song.  Mr. Scam Man ~ Anti Obama Song


Obama & Live Birth Abortion / Induced Labor Abortions / Infanticide Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video

John Wayne on liberals.




Charles Lindbergh's speech to the America First Committee on September 11, 1941 (same day as the ground-breaking ceremony for the Pentagon). Hidden history repeats!

A human can't help a sub-human without coming out on the bad end. People need to get in touch with their true identity.

Who is boycotting Arizona?

Each state is like a vital organ and when one of these organs is shut down the rest of the body (Our Country) the other organs will begin to shut down as well and then our country dies very soon.  Even the smallest community can be tainted and it will spread like a bad cancer from coast to coast.  Below there seem to be a lot of communities that is infected with this cancer known as illegal immigration.

Support Arizona by boycotting those who don’t believe in America.

How you can help: 

(1). Visit the State of Arizona.

(2). Call or write Representatives who oppose to illegal immigration to THANK them for their hard work.

(3). Call or write Representatives who favors illegal immigration and let them know what you think.  REMEMBER to be polite when calling or writing.

(4). Boycott communities that are supporting illegal immigration.



Cities/counties that have approved boycotts of Arizona:

•Amherst (Mass.)

• Austin.

• Berkeley, Calif.

• Bloomington, Ind.

• Boston.

• Boulder, Colo.

• Burlington, Vt.

• Columbus, Ohio.

• Cook County, Ill.

• El Paso (city and county).

• Gallup, N.M.

• Hartford, Conn.

• Los Angeles (city and county).

• Oakland.

• Richmond, Calif.

• Sacramento

• San Pablo, Calif.

• St. Paul, Minn.

• Santa Monica, Calif.

• San Francisco (non-binding resolution).

• Seattle.


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Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill.

Firm's stock sale nearly twice as large as any other institution; Represented 44 percent of total BP investment

The brokerage firm that's faced the most scrutiny from regulators in the past year over the shorting of mortgage related securities seems to have had good timing when it came to something else: the stock of British oil giant BP.

According to regulatory filings, has found that Goldman Sachs sold 4,680,822 shares of BP in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman's sales were the largest of any firm during that time. Goldman would have pocketed slightly more than $266 million if their holdings were sold at the average price of BP's stock during the quarter.

If Goldman had sold these shares today, their investment would have lost 36 percent its value, or $96 million. The share sales represented 44 percent of Goldman's holdings -- meaning that Goldman's remaining holdings have still lost tens of millions in value.

The sale and its size itself isn't unusual for a large asset management firm. Wall Street brokerages routinely buy and sell huge blocks of shares for themselves and their clients. In light of a recent SEC lawsuit arguing that Goldman kept information about a product they sold from their clients, however, the stock sale may raise fresh concern among Goldman's critics. Goldman is also a frequent target of liberals and journalists, including Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, who famously dubbed the firm a "vampire squid."

Quote by John Rarick.

"The Council on Foreign Relations is “the establishment.” Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also announces and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting the U.S. from a sovereign Constitutional Republic into a servile member state of a one-world dictatorship."

Mr. John Rarick  was a U. S. Congressman (D-LA), 1967-75.  Mr. Rarick was born January 29th 1924 and passed away at his home September 14th 2009. Rarick served as four term Louisiana Congressman and Judge.  He was a charter member of the CofCC.

How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the FBI

At the close of World War I, the federal government created the General Intelligence Division, an agency that eventually morphed into the modern FBI. One of GID’s main tasks was to compile a list of hundreds of thousands of radicals—socialists, anarchists, labor activists and antiwar agitators. Thousands were arrested for being suspected Communists. Hundreds of anarchists were deported to Bolshevik Russia, the silver lining being that left-anarchists like Emma Goldman discovered and wrote about the pure horror of Leninism and the fact that “proletarian dictatorship” was not any sort of improvement upon the wartime corporatism of the U.S. under Woodrow Wilson.
In the late 1920s, the renamed Bureau of Investigation spied on such “socialist” threats as Albert Einstein. Under Franklin Roosevelt, although the FBI continued to keep track of left radicals, it found a new enemy in the form of opponents of the New Deal. FDR used the FBI to spy on multitudes of peaceful rightwingers, unleashing a Brown Scare that was later turned against the left during the McCarthy-era Red Scare. Roosevelt even spied on his Republican presidential opponent, Wendell Willkie.

But during the Cold War, Republican and Democratic administrations again focused the FBI, for the most part, on disrupting the left.  Its COINTELPRO operation—a program to “track, expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities” of political radicals—was a great success. FBI’S COINTELPRO forged letters to bring about violence between the Black Panthers and United Slaves.  In 1976, a Senate report showed that the FBI had boasted that “Although no specific counterintelligence action can be credited with contributing to this overall situation, it is felt that a substantial amount of the unrest [among left radical groups] is directly attributable to this program.”
While the FBI was used to infiltrate rightwing anti-Civil Rights and anti-integrationist activists, it was also targeted against stalwarts of the Civil Rights movement.  The FBI monitored everyone from Martin Luther King in the 1960s to John Lennon in the 1970s.  In the late 70s, the Church Committee reports in the Senate culminated in some effort to rein in this horribly abusive federal agency.
In the 1990s, the FBI was at the center of the militia scare, with its snipers and strongmen turned against peaceful separatist Randy Weaver and his family, and later at the Waco, Texas, standoff with Branch Davidians, at the end of which FBI agents gassed, shot and killed dozens of David Koresh’s followers at their home at Mt. Carmel.  They used incendiary devices, which might have brought on the fire, and then lied about it. 

It was in this period that the modern left became enamored of the federal police state and especially the FBI.  Almost none of them stood up for the Branch Davidians.  They came to think of FBI agents as a professional, national and enlightened force populated by such figures as the Jodie Foster character in Silence of the Lambs, an agency that enforced civil rights, protected the country from “rightwing extremists,” and overturned the injustices of local, prejudiced law enforcement.  

But during the Bush II era, when the administration was reported to be reviving COINTELPRO, the left’s distrust of national police forces also revived.  In October 2003, the FBI extensively spied on peaceful Iraq war protesters, focusing especially on “anarchists. . . capable of violence.”  Bush’s FBI activities were a throwback to the post-World War I General Intelligence Division’s obsession with anarchists.  In 2005, the ACLU sued to reveal in court that it had been monitored by the FBI, which had over a thousand pages of documentation on the organization, as had Greenpeace and other politically leftist organizations.  Religious pacifist groups were also spied on and infiltrated. 
And one “terror plot” after another allegedly discovered and broken up by the administration "just in the nick of time" turned out to be a group of poor saps of below-average intelligence who had been duped by federal informants into saying something threatening or “planning” a terror attack on American infrastructure with no chance at all of being successful, and probably no chance of having even come up with the idea without federal prodding and agitation.
The concern about the return of Cold War-era FBI infiltration of fringe groups was once again seen on the left.
Now we are back to the Brown Scare, to militia hysteria, to fears that the out-of-power anti-government right, Christian groups, separatists, gunowners, opponents of national social programs, census and tax resisters and so forth are a great threat to American security
With all the Bush-era anti-Muslim hysteria and war on terror authoritarianism still in place, we have under Obama a revitalization of 1990s-style paranoia about “hate groups,” survivalists and indeed the entire populist right.  Just as Bush conservatives could not differentiate Saddam Hussein from Osama bin Laden, or an innocent Muslim doing charity work in Pakistan from an engineer of 9/11, or an antiwar American activist from an anti-American enemy within giving comfort to the enemy abroad, so too do the Obama leftists conflate peaceful separatists with violent racists, peaceful survivalist militia men with Timothy McVeigh.  

Every act of violence or alleged plan to commit violence or even adamant anti-government activism that can be pinned on the “extremist right”—the shooter who murdered a guard at the Holocaust museum, the man who murdered an abortion doctor in church, the man who flew a plane through an IRS building, some “militia” members allegedly planning anti-government violence—all of this is seen as part of a general trend, even a rightwing conspiracy, one about as coherent as the neoconservatives’ lumping together all anti-US Muslims under the banner of “Islamofascism.”  Indeed, I am surprised that no one has yet "warned" us of the “Teaofascist” threat to America, although there has been plenty of talk comparing the tea party movement to the Nazi brownshirts - and that this "Tea-militia" activity is associated with “race war,” ----- even when the particular subjects at hand are not even accused of being racially motivated!.!.!
And so when a "progressive" (read Communist) like Rachel Maddow cheers that the Michigan militia members can be indicted and imprisoned without having done anything violent, when she reports that the FBI had infiltrated the group for months and stepped in to arrest them 'just in the nick of time', we should not be surprised when she fails to make the obvious connection, and fails to be the least bit skeptical of the federal government’s agents infiltrating a group for months - only to discover that the group’s members are saying things about government that amount to “seditious conspiracy.”  Well, "duhhhhh". 
What kind of Orwellian world is it when the government can arrest people accused of "planning" to commit violence against government agents - and unleash a “civil war” that we all know is only a fantasy?  What kind of world is it when the very media personality who denounced Bush’s “preemptive war” and Obama’s adoption of Bush’s “pre-crime” approach to imprisoning “enemy combatants” in “prolonged detention” before they commit violence ----- is happy to see a group indicted on federal charges of simply talking about committing violence—talk that we can safely guess was likely incited by the very FBI agents who had infiltrated the group in the first place???
WHAT HYPOCRASY!!!!!!!  What kind of absurdist dystopia has the left crying foul when a private citizen infiltrates ACORN, but has no similar apprehensions when the FBI infiltrates “extremist” groups - and arrests them for “seditious conspiracy”?
How can anyone who saw through the Bush lies of war and crackdowns in the name of “national security” and stopping madmen from getting “weapons of mass destruction” really believe that fewer than a dozen Americans with a few rifles and some pipebombs were themselves planning to use “weapons of mass destruction” in any way that posed a threat to the U.S. government?  And what about the charge of having weapons in connection to a crime—that crime being the intention of one day committing a crime?  

Of course, preempting people from committing acts of criminal violence is sometimes necessary, but the list of questionable charges levied at these people, on the tail end of months of FBI infiltration, would seem to be in a different category, and at least warrants more critical examination before passing judgment.
One can abhor and condemn the idea of violence and oppose the types of acts that these men and women are accused of planning—and certainly, I do—while still smelling a rat in the way such sting operations are conducted, or at least demonstrating some journalistic skepticism that the government’s side of the story is 100% accurate and justifies the imprisonment of these people and the hysteria on which this kind of government activity thrives.

But once again, with their people at the helm of state, the left has decided to embrace the FBI, take its word, assume that people are guilty until proven innocent once accused of guilt by the police state that they now see as the guardian of peace and order - against rightwing extremism of course. 
Especially strange is the tendency of leftists to fear rightists out of power even more than in power.  The same dynamic can be seen on the other side.  The left and the right love power, and although that power is often directed against their own when the other side is at the reins, they cannot abandon the idea that a police state can be pinpointed only against those they hate, and not those with whom they sympathize.  The responsible, non-partisan and indeed American thing to do is to harbor extreme skepticism toward the state when it spies, infiltrates, arrests and imprisons anyone, and most especially those whose alleged crime is “sedition” or “conspiracy” or in any way being the enemy of the state.

A note on sources: Much of this history is discussed in Geoffrey Stone’s Perilous Times. A lot of the stuff on the FBI’s history I read years back in Roland Kessler’s Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI. A good treatment of COINTELPRO can be found in James Bovard’s Terrorism and Tyranny. On Waco see Carol Moore’s the Davidian Massacre and my Waco archives. And see the ACLU on some of the surveillance abuses under the Bush administration.

Racial Differences In Skull Shapes.

Quote by G. D. McDaniel

"If, as it appears, the experiment that was called 'America' is at an end... then perhaps a fitting epitaph would be ... 'here lies America the greatest nation that might have been had it not been for the Edomite bankers who first stole their money, used their stolen money to buy their politicians and press and lastly deprived them of their constitutional freedom by the most evil device yet created --- The Federal Reserve Banking System.' "

Paper Money Violates All Ten Commandments.

1.  Paper money debt enslaves you to something other than God.
2.  Valuing paper money is an act of idolatry.
3.  "In God we trust" takes the Lord's name in vain.
4.  The sabbath debt forgiveness times are ignored.
5.  Lack of honest standards dishonors our parents.
6.  Paper money has funded mass murder; two world wars.
7.  Lenders, usurers, are committing spiritual adultery.
8.  Paper money and banking is institutionalized theft.
9.  Paper money requires a mountain of false testimony.
10.  Paper money is supported by greed and covetousness.

To read more about Paper Money Violates All Ten Commandments, go to the website.

GOD Commands Racial Segregation.

Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet,A.B., J.D.

In the Bible, God repeatedly warns us against any mixing of races and especially against intermarriage and mongrelization. Some of this has been overlooked because of imperfect translation out of the Hebrew and Greek languages in which the Bible was written. Let us examine some of these passages, carefully noting the exact meaning of the words used in the original tongues.

From the very beginning, the commandment not to permit mongrelization is strongly emphasized. For example:

EXODUS 33:16 "So shall we be separated, I and all of Thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth."

LEVITICUS 20:24 "I am the Lord thy God, which have separated you from other people."

JOSHUA 23:12-13 "if ye do in any wise go back and cleave unto the remnant of these nations, even these that remain among you, and shall make marriage with them and go in unto them and they unto you: know for a certainty that they shall be snares and traps unto you and scourges in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish off from this good land which the Lord your God has given you."

DEUTERONOMY 7:3 "NEITHER SHALT THOU MAKE MARRIAGE WITH THEM: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son."

Many warnings are given in the Bible not to mate with "the stranger. "But the Hebrew words translated "stranger" in these verses are "ZUWR", "NEKAR", and "NOKRI" and each one means A PERSON OF A DIFFERENT RACE FROM OURS. (There are other Hebrew words, "ger" and "toshab", meaning persons who are aliens only in a political sense, but of our race.) The warning against race mixing is always against those "strangers" who are ZUWR, NEKAR, or NOKRI. For example.

PROVERBS 23:27 "For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange (ZUWR) woman is a narrow pit.

The reason for the warning is clear. MONGRELIZATION IS THE WORST FORM OF "GENOCIDE". If you kill 99% of a race, but leave the other 1% pure blooded, they will in time restore the race. But, when you mongrelize them, you have destroyed that race eternally. Once mixed with the Black or Yellow Races, the White Race would be totally and forever destroyed. Hence, God has forbidden it.

PSALM 144:11-12 "Rid me and deliver me from the hand of a strange (NEKAR) children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood: That OUR SONS may be as plants grown up in their youth, that OUR DAUGHTERS may be as the polished cornices of a palace."

JEREMIAH 2"21,25 "Yet I planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed. HOW THEN, ART THOU TURNED INTO THE DEGENERATE PLANT OF A STRANGE (ZUWR) VINE UNTO ME? Withhold thy foot from being unshod, and thy throat thirst: but thou saidest There is no hope: no: for I HAVE LOVED STRANGERS (ZUWR) AND AFTER THEM I WILL GO.

HOSEA 5:6-7 "They shall go with their flocks and their herds to seek the Lord, but they shall not find Him: He hath withdrawn Himself from them. THEY HAVE DEALT TREACHEROUSLY AGAINST THE LORD: FOR THEY HAVE BEGOTTEN STRANGE (ZUWR) CHILDREN."

NOAH WAS SAVED BECAUSE HE WAS PURE BLOODED, WHILE THOSE AROUND HIM WERE MONGRELIZED. Genesis 6:2,4-5, records the forbidden mixing of races and the evil results thereof. But of Noah,

GENESIS 6:9 "Noah was a just man and perfect (Hebrew 'taw-meem - without blemish) in his generations (Hebrew 'to-led-aw'- descent, ancestry). Hence, Noah and his family were saved while the mongrels were wiped out.


JUDE 7 "Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication and GOING AFTER STRANGE FLESH, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire."

Those who seek to force integration in the schools and churches are new beginning to admit that their real purpose is to bring about RACIAL INTERMARRIAGE. They have even deceived certain well meaning but ignorant clergymen into helping them. Even without inter-marriage, JUST ALLOWING NEGROES INTO THE WHITE CHURCHES IS DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD. Do you say, "I didn't see that in my Bible?" That is only because mis-translation conceals it from you. No doubt, you were puzzled when you read the following:

DEUTERONOMY 23:2 "A bastard shall not enter into the Congregation of the Lord: even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the Congregation of the Lord."

You wondered at this, because an illegitimate child is not to blame for the sins of its parents; and why should the penalty extend for ten generations? They might all be legitimately born.

But the Hebrew word mistranslated "bastard" is the word "MAMZER": It means a MIXTURE, A HALF-BREED OR MONGREL. It has nothing to do with whether a child's parents were married, but it refers to THE FORBIDDEN INTERMIXTURE OF RACES. THAT IS WHY THE PENALTY EXTENDS FOR TEN GENERATIONS: and it shows how seriously God treats this sin. It is true that the mulatto child is not to blame for his parents' sins: BUT HE IS STILL A MULATTO. The first generation would be a half-breed; the second would have at least a quarter of the black blood; the third at least 1/8; the fourth 1/16; and so on. IN THE TENTH GENERATION, THE NEGRO BLOOD MAY BE AS SMALL AS ONE PART IN 1,024, YET GOD HIMSELF SAYS THAT THIS IS TOO MUCH TO BE ALLOWED TO "ENTER INTO THE CONGREGATION OF THE LORD."

If you admit that YOUR church is not worthy to be called "the Congregation of the Lord," then perhaps this doesn't concern you. But if your church is, or trying to be, "the Congregation of the Lord," HADN'T YOU BETTER OBEY GOD'S OWN COMMANDMENT CONCERNING IT? CALL THIS TO THE ATTENTION OF YOUR MINISTER.

The unfortunate children of such marriages are not the guilty ones of course, the sin is that of their parents. Yet the fact that they cannot help what they are does not change the permanent fact THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE. The experience of thousands of years has demonstrated that the dark races do not have what it takes to produce the White Man's high civilization. They have never had it in their own lands and they only have it here because we, the White Majority, make it so.

The mixed breed is the same. It does not have in proper measure those qualities which God so carefully implanted in the White Race to carry out certain purposes which He has assigned to them. Recognition that God Himself, made the races different does not imply hatred or contempt for any of them. Difference has its purposes, which must be respected. I do not expect the family cat to sing like a canary, nor the canary to keep mice out of the kitchen. If I went quail hunting, I would not expect a horse to point quail for me, neither would I try to saddle and ride the best hunting dog in the world. All the family pets are equally loved and neither is despised because he can't do what some other does. Each has his own purpose and trying to mix them up or interbreed them can only harm them.

I know that there are many people to whom these facts are new. There are also many who have learned the evil lesson that they can get more money or more political popularity by violating these laws of God than by obeying them.

Some of you might not like being reminded of these things. But remember, I did not write the Bible, God wrote it, through His prophets. His commandments are always right. FOR OUR OWN GOOD, FOR THE VERY SURVIVAL OF OUR WHITE RACE UPON THE EARTH AND THAT WE MAY FACE OUR GOD WITH A BETTER CONSCIENCE, WE HAD BETTER OBEY THESE LAWS OF GOD.

Here are Bill Gates' verbatim words:
"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

Anti Racism is Anti White:
Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

Greatest Line Ever Against Democrats

Quote by Rick Gaber

Always remember the difference between economic power and political power: You can refuse to hire someone's services or buy his products in the private sector and go somewhere else instead. In the public sector, though, if you refuse to accept a politician's or bureaucrat's product or services you go to jail. Ultimately, after all, all regulations are observed and all taxes are paid at gunpoint. I believe those few who can't even see that have been short-sighted sheep, and I suggest they learn how to think conceptually, develop consistency and grasp principles soon.

The Citizens Rule Book

1. Thou Shalt have no other gods before Me.

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

4. Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy.
5. Honor thy father and mother.
6. Thou shalt not murder.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

8. Thou shalt not steal.

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness.
10. Thou shalt not covet.
Directly above the Chief Justice's chair is a tablet signifying the
TEN COMMANDMENTS When the Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress looks up, his eyes look into the face of Moses. "The Bible is the Book upon which this Republic rests."
- Andrew Jackson, Seventh President of the United States.


 Click on the book to read more.

and Amendments


Limiting the federal government: An expressed desire to prevent abuse of federal powers!


I. Religious freedom, both to an establishment as well as the free exercise thereof; freedom of speech, press; right of petition.

II. Right to bear arms. 

III. Quartering of soldiers 

IV. The right to privacy and security against unreasonable searches and seizures: search warrants. 

V. Grand Jury, double jeopardy, no one must witness against himself, no loss of life, liberty or private property without due process. 

VI. Speedy and public trials, impartial jury; nature and cause, right to confront; compulsory witnesses, assistance of Counsel - (note: does not say attorney.) 

VII. Right to trial by jury according to the rules of common law - (note: Ten Commandments are the foundation of Common Law.) 

VIII. Excessive bail, fines, punishment etc. prohibited, 

IX. Rights beyond Bill of Rights belong to the people. 

X. Undelegated powers belong to the people unless given by the people to the states. 

Articles I-X were proposed September 25th, 1789, and ratified December 15th, 1791.

The Southern Language

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